Creative Voices: Interview with George Ensle

George Ensle is a Song-painter. Sometimes he paints landscapes with broad strokes, hilltop sunsets or tree-lined rivers. Sometimes he paints portraits describing characters like Uncle Jack, who is a young boy’s rough and rowdy hero, or like the elderly widow sitting by a window with the sun streaming in, pondering her life. Ensle song-paints with reverence and compassion mixed with a healthy dose of wit and wisdom.

George Ensle began his career in 1967 sharing stages with legends Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Billy Joe Shaver. He was inducted into the Houston Folk Music Archives in 2017 and has won numerous awards throughout his career. 

I had the chance to sit and chat with George at the 2018 SWRFA conference in Austin. Watch now as he tells us about his creative process, songwriting, and life.




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