This book is focused on the ‘craft’ of songwriting and the care and nurturing of your ‘creative being’. Intended for both novice and experienced songwriters, SongC.R.A.F.T. is an invitation to dig deep into your personal memories and experiences and write in your most vulnerable, authentic voice.

    • Nurture your creative process
    • Learn to find ideas from personal experiences
    • Write fabulous and meaningful songs
    • Find out why having a special creative room is important
    • Recognize and avoid common mistakes
    • How to find an audience to perform your song to
    • Leave the critic behind and write your best work

Award-winning songwriters and authors, Nancy Beaudette and Laura Zucker, will guide you through a series of exercises and reflections which will help you write a song lyric by the end of the book. Nancy and Laura have been using the “SongC.R.A.F.T.” method throughout their professional careers, and teach this process to writers across the country.

Forward by Berklee College of Music Songwriting Professor – Susan Cattaneo.

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“SongC.R.A.F.T. combines the two elements that every songwriter must use to consistently write great songs, heart and craft. This well written, easy to understand book is packed full of information and inspiration for songwriters at every level of their creative journey. Bravo Laura and Nancy!” – Steve Seskin, NSAI Hall of Fame songwriter, 7 #1 Billboard top songs, NSAI and Nashville Music Row Magazine Best Song of the Year.

“There are some wonderful books out there on the craft of songwriting. There are some wonderful books on the emotional component of creation, the need to be vulnerable. And there are still more wonderful books on the practical aspects of creation, like finding a place and a time where and when you do your best work. This book somehow manages to combine all of those elements into a single, concise, well-written package. This is an excellent, maybe indispensable, book for songwriters of all levels and styles. I loved it.” – Terry Klein

“I was fortunate enough to be part of a class where this book was introduced. The exercises and explanations were so helpful in bringing creativity to the forefront and inviting the participants to look at the story from different points of view. It was also helpful for noticing where the story was. All the exercises we did are found in SongC.R.A.F.T., and there are many more innovative approaches besides. Money very well-spent, in my opinion.” – Jan Siedes

“Just finished reading and experiencing the new & different songwriting book by Nancy Beaudette and Laura Zucker. Makes no difference if you’re a beginning songwriter, or someone who’s been songwriting for a while, this dandy book can assist you to definitely “up your songwriting game” in easy-to-understand lessons. These ladies know their stuff, too.” – Jay Gottlieb

What are people saying about the SongCRAFT experience?

“I am so glad I took this class. Nancy and Laura are great teachers and facilitators of writers. Spending an hour with them and my classmates was the best part of my week. It spawned so many creative ideas and techniques.”

“Nancy and Laura offer generous, affirming guidance for the creative songwriter’s journey, including: daily creative practices, strong lyric-writing exercises, songwriting tips, and a special “joie de vivre” and positive vibe for the most creative songwriting. Songwriters are encouraged to write songs that matters to them. With such capable and likable leaders, you’re going to love this workshop and the new creative processes it puts in your songwriting toolkit!”

“Brings you to a very emotional place and gives you a soulful place to create from, along with some important writing tools. Worth taking multiple times.”

“This is such a unique songwriting technique. I’m really surprised that no one else have ever taught this method. This workshop will definitely take my writing to the next level. Absolutely amazing.”

“Caring, insightful and useful songwriting tools & tips.”

“This workshop was great fun. Nancy and Laura do a great job of presenting the material and making the workshop interactive.”

“This is an innovative, accessible approach to writing that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Brilliant. Brava to the authors.”